When I was a kid, I drew a lot of stuff, I enjoy pencils, crayons and watercolors. Art class was my second favorite subject (following English and Literature). Once, I made a watercolor copy of Van Gogh’s Irises for an art project, I was really proud of how it turned out. I dreamed of becoming an artist back then. I fervently hoped I did.

It’s just that along the way of fulfilling that want I got lost and found another path…well a bit related…that of admiring and reviewing art. That was a short stint but nevertheless, a very enjoyable one. I got to know a handful of student painters then who are now big names in the art industry.

Back then, I always had difficulty drawing faces (and hands) or maybe the whole body in particular. So when I had the chance to better this skill I enrolled for a 2 day-weekend course in manga. 😀 (On the side, I really wanted to get to know the instructor…a Japanese, Ikuyo Hori.) Perhaps too, the desire to draw that’s been hidden somewhere in me was awakened upon seeing friends’ works posted on my facebook wall. 😀 Like the song that goes first love never dies – more appropriately it does not fade…it’s there, always…no matter how hard you try to forget.

The course was set for 4 hours each on Saturday and Sunday for 74€…I thought it cheap but thinking now, it really wasn’t. No regrets though, I enjoyed every minute of it even if I had bits of difficulty at the beginning…So this was what I did for the half-profile drawing of the head…I also did front views, angry and crying faces but I’m not too confident to show them. lol.

I haven’t considered enrolling for the next manga class…perhaps I’d practice more now or watch youtube videos for tutorials. Thing is, I am able to teach my kids a bit about drawing faces. (Ironic because hubby is a prolific illustrator but doesn’t have the time to teach them.) Also, I got to use my pencils to draw again…aside from writing.

Took this post from my other blog – originally published on January 8, 2011