So we made French macarons again. We’ve been trying to master this yummy treat since, I think, I started 5 months ago…The results are different each time and I’m happy for this last time. I left my nozzles somewhere so I made use of what’s available, thus, the not so smooth outcome of the shells.

The kids were all happy helpers as usual. Helping me put baking paper on trays, mixing the chocolate and cream for the filling and calling me out to the kitchen when the feet of the shells showed.

We made chocolate ganache for the filling. The counter wasn’t as messy as when making donuts…

Thing is, you have to wait for the filling to harden a bit before serving. Usually it should be refrigerated overnight but you’d think the little boy could wait that long?

No, he took one so soon and tried to eat the whole thing in one bite…lol. He squeezed one too hard that the chocolate oozed out. He was much too messy after this but I had to get a tissue so I was only able to capture a little of the oozing chocolate ganache.