louis daguerreLouis Daguerre, father of Daguerreotype and co-inventor of the Diorama was honored by Google with a doodle. It is a vintage photo frame with the google letters dressed in clothes of an earlier period, say 1800s, set in black and white as though being photographed. Unlike the colorful doodles that Google has for other tributes, this is a bit formal and dreary – as most Daguerrotype images were.

Between 1821-1837, inspired by a period of cooperation with the father of photography, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, Daguerre developed this photographic process. Click here to learn more. Daguerrotypes require a longer exposure thus requiring subjects to not move, blink nor even smile. Hence, a dreary image.

(Diorama of Vienna’s Parliament and adjacent buildings)

It was in 1823 when Daguerre along with the De Dion-Bouton created the Diorama,  literally “through that which is seen”, from the Greek di- “through” + orama “that which is seen, a sight.” I say they are very effective in teaching history and also make for a good hobby, don’t you think?