great tips logo designA logo design is made with the help of a number of elements like symbols, graphics, typography, font and other similar things. All these elements mix together help in creating a great design for the logo of a company. A good design of the logo can do wonders for the company. However a bad logo can also harm the reputation of the company to a great extent. The logo helps in maintaining a good relation of the prospective viewers with the brand. It helps in the conveying of the philosophy of the brand and the elements of the product to the target group of the company.

Some elements which should be considered while coming up with a high-quality logo design are as follows.

Simple and Creative Design

The design of the logo must be simple yet creative. There are many logo designers who make colorful logos with no meaning behind them. This creates bad impressions on the audience. They cannot relate with the thoughts behind the logo. Therefore keeping the logo simple will be helpful in making the audience understand about the product and what the product is all about. The elements like font, typography must be used in a subtle manner. The logo must be appealing to the customers of the company. Using the elements, the designer will have to make a logo which will be simple and creative. This will make the logo an instant winner.

Philosophy in the Business

The logo is like the identity of the brand that it projects. Hence, it is very important to introduce the philosophy of business and values in the design. The logo must be such that it will be able to include the brand and the associated marketing message in it. This will help the company to convey the message in a good way to the customers.


One must try and make the logo a memorable one. There are many logos which look simple and plain but they have lived on. A good designed logo will help in recalling a brand in the minds of the audience.


Logos which are made by a particular company are been used in different mediums. From websites, business stationery, brochures and in other things, the logo has been used. Therefore the logo must be made in such a way so that the owner of the brand will be able to see the usage of the logo. Normally the logo that is created in full colors and an option is given of black and white. Therefore it is important that the graphical essentials are flexible and can be used effectively in a number of mediums. The logo must also be of compact nature so that it can be re-sized without having to compromise with the aesthetic value.

Therefore these are some of the important elements which a logo designer will have to bear in their mind while designing a logo for a company. 

This is a guest post written by Alexandria Gaskarth. She is a regular writer and she writes freely on any topic. She has done a thorough research on Logo Design while writing this post.