Google celebrates Earth day with a time-lapse animation doodle of flowering plants that slowly blooms. It is the 42nd year of the advocacy started by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in efforts to raise environmental awareness.

Here we see purple, red and yellow flowers sprout from a series of shrubs laid out to spell Google. The shrubs appear to be pansies and the likes.

Earth Day was first held on 1970 after then senator Nelson, thought of the idea  to promote an environmental agenda after a huge oil spill off the coast of California a year earlier.

Major Earth Day events have been held since 1970, always on 22 April. In 1990 the event went global for the first time, involving activities with an estimated 200 million people in 141 countries.

This year’s Earth Day is centered around the theme “one billion acts of green”, which encourages individuals to make simple environmentally conscious pledges, such as switching off light bulbs (sounds like earth hour no?) or reducing car journeys. Organisers say the day is now observed in 192 countries. WÖW