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atsukojoe on flickr

At first look you’d think that these goldfish in a bath pail are real…how could they not be they’re swimming happily. If you have an aquarium you’ll know better, no such amount of fish can survive in a small space like this without  proper maintenance and other specialized equipment to appropriate water quality and other characteristics suitable for the residents (be it pond, aquarium or bowls).

Thank goodness, above is one of the many wonderful works of Riusuke Fukahori, a contemporary Japanese artist who started his original works which were painted in resin in 2004.

Inspired by his pet fish, Fukahori’s works mainly depicts these colorful aquatic vertebrates (white goldfish has a lovely color too ^_^). See the artist at work in this video, he uses acrylic mostly in containers then he paints again and pours resin on top, the layers result in a three-dimensional appearance. Notice too the brush he uses at the end…resembles a giant broom we use back home for cleaning the floor. teehee.

His works are on display at ICN gallery in London  from 1 Dec 2011 – 11 Jan 2012…I’m so late to have known. 🙁 Here is a photo of him doing live painting at a store’s window. (photo credit provided)

Live painting by Riusuke Fukahori

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