Google doodlers honor Jewish-Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser with this google doodle depicting the artist’s use of  irregular forms and fetish of  incorporating natural features of the landscape into architecture. Hundertwasser called straight lines “the devil’s tools” thus most of his painting and architectural work would create illusions of being uneven as seen below. These are the windows of the district heating plant in Vienna.

fernwärmeYou’ve seen some of these photos before…since I’ve featured Hundertwasser often, here and in my other blogs. Here’s one related article. I wouldn’t want to double my post, so kindly click that link to learn more about the artist and to view the rather whimsical toilet of the KunstHausWien.
Hundertwasser has designed a number of buildings, toilets, a kindergarten, churches and incineration plants around Europe, in Osaka and New Zealand. Here are parts of the KunstHausWien and the heating plant.


During my visit (along with my daughter) at the KunstHausWien, we viewed an exhibition (sorry, memory gap) of two other artists. Photo-taking isn’t allowed inside the galleries so I can only share these. KunstHausWien is the only museum that holds a permanent exhibition of Hundertwasser’s works.

Daughter at the stairs, notice the irregularities of the tiles and the random colored ones, a typical Hundertwasser feature.


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