Admittedly, I know more about Frida Kahlo than his better half, Diego Rivera, since Kahlo is a frequent face in the Viennese art scene. So for today’s google doodle I tried to learn more about him.

Diego Rivera’s talent was seen earlier on, when he was about three-years-old. After the death of his twin brother, he started painting on the walls of their house. His supportive parents saw this opportunity as a means of growth and bought chalkboards and canvas for him to use. Rivera would grow to be one of Mexico’s famous fresco (murals painted on plaster on walls and ceilings) painters.

Rivera witnessed the beginning of cubism in paintings during his stay in Paris with more famous painters Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque leading the movement. Then heavily influenced by Paul Cezanne, Rivera took on to his murals/frescoes colors reminiscent of the artist’s works.

In the above image, google doodlers successfully painted the story of Rivera and of his country, Mexico. Seen in blue is Rivera himself painting a part of the letter G (sun) as seen in his work here. The whole doodle are compositions taken from other murals of Rivera that can be seen in Mexico – a culture in those murals was thus retold in this doodle for us to see. As what Rivera once said,  “Art is the universal language and it belongs to all Mankind.” Doodlers were able to show the world Rivera’s art as he wanted it to be.