When the weather goes 0°C, it’s either you go up the mountains and ski, or cuddle up in a corner with a good book and hot choco and just while the time away.

painted white

Not! For hubby, it means going artistic and painting the walls and drawing on it! Whichever goes first…I woke up to this yesterday…him, sketching the characters of the anime One Piece (the mugi wara crew/Straw hat pirates).

wall art one piece crew
Zoro, Nami, Chopper, Usopp

One Piece is a manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, it has also been adapted into an anime series running since 1999. One Piece is about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a comical character who aims to be the Pirate King, and his crew composed of Roronoa Zoro (swordsman), Nami (navigator), Usopp (sniper), Sanji (cook), Chopper (reindeer-doctor), Nico Robin (historian), Franky (cyborg-shipwright) and Brook (deadman-musician).

Zoro finished

Conservative me suggested to have Nami (the navigator in a bikini) wear something else but he did it his way, anyway. 😀

Outlining Franky
missing Sanji and Robin


Should be viewed from this side (so Brook and Franky won’t look smaller 🙂
Dekimashita! (finished)

It probably took a total of 4 hours doing the whole piece, below is a time-lapse video (sort of). ^_^