bram stoker doodle

Horror and Gothic Romance fans are no strangers to the works of Abraham “Bram” Stoker. This contribution is honored by Google when his most notable creation Dracula was featured in Google Doodle for Bram Stoker’s 165th Birthday. The novel’s central character Count Dracula is one of the most loved gothic characters since its creation. Even those who are not familiar with the novel itself are enamored by the mysterious and sinister Count which has been featured in various film, novel and art adaptations. The most notable film adaptations of Bram Stoker’s Dracula were the ones released in 1931 with Bela Legosi and the 1992 film which starred Gary Oldman and Wynona Ryder.

A large number of Dracula Art can also be found in various forms from sketches, paintings, digital art and even wax figures. The Huffpost Arts and Culture webpage featured some of the most horrifying prints to celebrate Stoker’s 165th Birthday. These include “The Vampire” by Edvard Munch, “The Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli, “A Vampire” by Ernst Stöhr printed in Ver Sacrum Magazine 1899, “Demon Seated in a Garden” by Mikhail Vrubel, “The Vampire” by Philip Burne-Jones, “Camilla” by D.H. Friston, and “Le Vampire” by R. de Moraine. Dracula fans can easily find other artistic interpretations of Count Dracula from the works of concept artist Alexandre Tuis, Fan Art from Castlevania, movie posters from Mondo Art or digital images from deviant art and imagekind.

Bram Stoker’s other novels include The Snake’s Pass, The Lady of the Shroud, and The Lair of The White Worm. He also wrote short stories which include The Crystal Cup, The Chain of Destiny, The Shamrock, and a non-fiction book entitled Duties of Clerks and Petty Sessions in Ireland. Stoker’s interest in art was also observed during his lifetime as a founder of the Dublin Sketching Club in 1874.