Austria’s rich culture makes it an ideal destination for art and music lovers. It is home to music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, expressionist painter Anton Kolig, and pop artist Kiki Kogelnik. This country has a combination of Renaissance, Baroque and Modern structures, sculptures and paintings stashed within its cities as well as majestic natural landscape that can inspire Noveau artists. Google Doodle’s feature for Austria’s National Day 2012 gives us a glimpse of their rich art and culture.

One would notice the prominence of various structures in the Google Doodle and a touch of Austrian culture subtly placed in between the structures. The architectural designs varies from elaborate stained glass look, patterned roof tiles, gothic and rustic or traditional design, just like the ones that would greet tourists visiting Austria. Hints of the beautiful Austrian Alps and countryside can be seen at the backdrop of the doodle. Those who are familiar with the movie musical The Sound of Music would probably be reminded of the Von Trapp family’s hike in the alps to escape the Germans. Fans of this musical may also see the real Von Trapp Family House in their travels to Austria. People who would like to see real life versions of the doodle structures can visit the city capital Vienna, Salzburg or Graz.

The city of Salzburg was dubbed as the Baroque Jewel of the country as it houses a good number of Baroque palaces, churches, homes and museums in this area. Graz is considered as the Renaissance Jewel of the country but the rich mix of artistic and architectural styles in the area makes it difficult to put a label on it. Last 2003, it was granted the title of Cultural Capital of Europe. The Kunsthaus and Island in the Mur are two of the notable modern architectural creations found in Graz.