I went with little boy’s kindergarten class to the Albertina, a museum at Vienna’s first district which holds one of the largest print rooms and contains a vast number of art. One of the more famous is Albrecht Dürer’s young hare.

In line with the kindergarten’s watercolor activities, we went to view the impressionists’ works on display. Some works of whom were remade by the kids. Little boy did Mark Rothro’s Saffron but during an activity he liked Gustav Klimt’s Sunflower Painting the most.

 We were let in earlier than the Museum’s opening hour. Our guide was very accommodating to ask kids and explain about the paintings. There were a number of paintings discussed. Kids are allowed to interpret the paintings too.

kulay   cray

After the tour of circa an hour we went to a room by the wardrobe. The kids were given papers for them to draw whatever they like perhaps inspired by the paintings they saw on tour. They had to frame the paper first to make an effect of two brown doors. I was not able to photograph little boy’s final drawing but he has a house, chestnuts and colorful sky.

draws   ddraws

Colorful Weekend, Kids in Doodles