Who says only apparel and accessories can be bought at the shopping district? If you’re into art, Vienna’s Mariahilferstraße is also a good place to go.

The kids and I were wandering around the street looking for red wine — hubby asked me to buy it for mom-in-law but before that we went to the train station to ask about the tickets bought earlier. We were only given four tickets instead of five so  had to clear that five of us were travelling to Nurnberg. We wouldn’t want to leave the little behind. I was told that being 5-years-old, he is still free for the ride. Yoohoo! A child costs about 40€! 😀

When son #1 saw the displays on this shop he asked me to take a photo, the rooster piqued his interest, we have never seen a real rooster around the city but it’s a common “pet” whenever we are at my mom’s place in Cavite. They follow the chickens around…

Since we were in a hurry I forgot to mark the name of this shop. Will definitely see it again.


Colorful Weekend