It was lazy Friday lunch. The kids requested for a quick McDonald’s bite which I granted because I had lots of articles to finish, I didn’t have that time to cook a decent lunch. We had the usual – they had chicken nuggets, burger and fries, I had grilled chicken salad. For dessert, lemon macarons for C (older son), strawberry macarons for D (younger son) and magnum McFlurry for AB (daughter). They also had babycino, their favorite free drink of hot milk and cream…And since this McDonald’s branch is a drink-all-you-can one we had various drinks.

When the kids finished eating I let them play a bit at the slide outside but I sit where I can see them. I’d do an article or two and they’d be back drinking – getting so tired from the heat and play.


A crew approached me and asked if I would like the kids to participate in their art session for the day…they have this summer program for the kids – artsy stuff with different themes. I hadn’t known it before and a week has passed by already. So I asked them kids and they immediately said yes. Friday is “jungle animals” so they had to choose a favorite animal and do a step-by-step folding, cutting and coloring guided by an attendant.

Here are their creations. D’s giraffe, C’s green alien, panda and a red dog and A’s white cat, elephant and brown cat.
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